If you have a small, medium or large business, do not be caught off gurard by hackers!! Your Data and Personal information is very important to your everyday operation.

Scenerio #1.       You have no security on your system. I am still safe....Right???

Reality:                 Wrong!!! Hackers can See, Copy and Destroy Everything on your network or pc!! Your banking accounts, financials and all other important documents and files are up for grabs!!! If you have your banking account and credit card numbers stored on a vulnerable pc, some hacker might send you a "Thank You" card from a beach in the carribean real soon!!

Scenerio #2.      You have a virus program on your pc....So, you are protected ...Right???

Reality:                 Wrong!!! Hackers put out over 500+ new Viruses, Trojans, Worms and Bombs monthly!!! Without monthly updates and patches for your Operation System, you are a cyber-victim in the waiting.

Data Tech offers monthly updates for all virus software, all software patches, hot fixes, cleaners and spy program removal!! We offer protection from hardware to software based security. If you have a large business or corporation with hundreds or thousands of computers to protect, there are a few very good firewall solutions for you to choose from.

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